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    Mercrede...C'est Musique ... !!!

    Karan Casey, née en 1969 à Ballyduff Lower, Kilmeanden (comté de Waterford en Irlande), est une musicienne irlandaise irlandaise traditionnelle, chanteuse et pianiste, et ancien membre du groupe américano-irlandais Solas.

    Elle chante en solo, ou avec des guitaristes qui l'accompagnent, tel John Doyle, James Taylor...

    Une belle découverte chez thé âche

     Karan Casey - The Jute-Mill Song

    Karan Casey & John Doyle ~ Exiles Return

    Karan Casey & John Doyle - The Flower of Finae

    Karan Casey & James Taylor - The King's Shilling

    The False Lady - Karan Casey & John Doyle

    "Abide, abide, my love," she said,
    "Beg and stay all night,
    You'll have pleasure in my room
    With a coal and a candle light, light,
    Coal and a candle light."
    "I won't abide, you false lady,
    And beg and stay all night,
    I have gonna far better love to enjoy,
    When I go home, than you, you,
    I go home, than you."
    He stooped over a saddle bow
    To kiss her lips so sweet,
    With a penknife in her hand,
    She wounded him full deep, deep,
    wounded him full deep.
    "Why woundest me, you false lady,
    Why woundest me so sore?
    There's not a doctor in all Scotland
    Can heal my mortal wound, wound,
    heal my mortal wound."
    She awoke her maids all in the morning,
    At the break of day,
    "There's a dead man in my bed-chamber,
    I wish he was away, away,
    wish he was away"
    They took him by the lily-white hands,
    And others by the feet,
    They threw him into a very deep well,
    Full fifty fathoms deep, deep,
    full fifty fathoms deep.
    "Lie there, lie there, you false young man,
    Lie there, you lie alone,
    And let the one that you love best
    Think you won't becoming home, home,
    you won't becoming home"
    Then up spoke a pretty little bird,
    Sitting in a tree:
    "An ill death may you die, lady,
    He had no love but thee, thee,
    had no love but thee."

    "Come down, come down, my pretty little bird,
    And sit upon my knee,
    I've gotta golden cage at home
    I'm sure to give to thee, thee,
    sure to give to thee."

    "I won't come down, you false lady,
    And sit upon your knee,
    For you have slain your own true love,
    I'm sure you would slay me, me,
    sure you would slay me."

    "I wish I had my bow to bend,
    My arrow and my string,
    I'd shoot you through the very heart,
    Among the leaves so green, green,
    among the leaves so green."

    "Well, if you had your bow to bend,
    Your arrow and your string,
    I'd take my wings and away I'd fly,
    You'd never see me again, again,
    never see me again."

    "You'd never see me again, again,
    never see me again."


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